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MOgene delivers precise research and clinical insights for our customers based on decades of experience offering comprehensive, highly customized, and data-driven genomic solutions

Experience the MOgene Difference

MOre Knowledgeable

  • Decades of experience with genomic and molecular testing
  • Specialized in a wide range of complex to routine projects
  • Consultative approach to customer needs
  • More than 150 publication citations

MOre Customized

  • Client specific project management teams focused on effective communication
  • Experienced scientists and bioinformaticians for complex projects
  • Wide range of discovery, development, and sample analysis services

MOre Quality & Safety

  • Robust Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Integrated quality throughout lab workflow
  • CLIA-certified, purpose built BSL-2+ facility
  • GxP Compliance


MOgene’s metagenomic sequencing services offers a powerful lens for viewing the microbial world that has the potential to revolutionize understanding of the entire living world.


de novo or metagenome sequencing

MOgene offers two platforms for genome sequencing needs.

  • de novo sequencing allows genetic structural and functional characterization of microbial population obtained from various environmental samples such as soil and plant tissues
  • PacBio SMRT sequencing for longer read lengths supports detailed characterization of the microbial genomes
Targeted Sequencing

MOgene offers confidence, experience, and flexibility with your targeted sequencing requirements.

  • Identification of genes of interest in different microbial populations
  • Amplicon sequencing to identify presence of different microbial species

MOgene enhances your transcriptomic studies from various environmental samples using different platforms such as Agilent microarrays, NanoString, and real-time PCR.

  • Gene expression studies



targeted sequencing

MOgene assists with targeted sequencing services to identify genes of interest, genetic mutations, and genomic modifications.

Illumina Short Read Sequencing
  • Identification of genes of interest in different cell and tissue types
  • Whole or targeted exome capture for identifying certain genotypes (SNPs, CNVs, indels) and their association with a given phenotype
  • Amplicon sequencing
  • Evaluation of CRISPR/Cas induced genome modifications


PacBio SMRT Sequencing
  • Characterization of novel cell lines used in production process
  • Evaluation of insertion sites of transgenes in the host genome
  • Evaluation of CRISPR/Cas induced genome modifications
  • Identification of genes of interest in different sample types
  • Allele identification for the genes of interest
  • Determination of transgene copy number
  • Amplicon sequencing



MOgene can customize workflows to support your regulated plant and animal gene expression studies. We start with your testing goals in mind, then offer a flexible, adaptable workflow based on the most suitable platforms, with options that are tailored to your specific needs.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • RNA abundance, differential gene expression, microRNA expression
  • IsoSeq to evaluate the differential expression of isoforms of a given gene
Microarrays, NanoString, and qPCR/ddPCR
MOgene offers confidence, extensive experience, and flexibility with your transcriptomics studies from various environmental samples using different platforms such as Agilent microarrays, NanoString, and real-time PCR.

  • Gene expression studies
  • MicroRNA expression studies

genetic modifications and Genotyping

MOgene has extensive experience designing and guiding projects for identifying genomic modifications and genetic mutations (SNP, indels and CNV).

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • Whole or targeted exome capture for identifying genotype phenotype association
  • Evaluation of CRISPR/Cas induced genome modifications
  • Amplicon sequencing
  • Gene identification
NanoString Profiler

The nCounter® platform provides a simple and cost-effective solution for multiplex analysis.

  • SNP analysis
  • CNV analysis
  • Gene fusion
Agilent Microarrays
  • Methylation (epigenetic modification)
  • aCGH analysis
  • SNP arrays


Real-Time PCR and ddPCR™

We manage all aspects of the project from assay design to data analysis.

  • Genome editing (NHEJ and HDR) evaluation
  • Epigenetic analysis
  • SNP genotyping
  • CNV analysis

Quality and safety

The Quality Commitment From MOgene

Regulatory Services

MOgene has an established reputation of complying with relevant national and international quality compliance regulations.

  • Audit ready for clients with routine internal quality audits
  • GLP compliance per FDA 21 CFR Part 58 and Part 11
  • Active CAPA program for process improvement
  • CLIA Certification
  • USDA Certification
Quality Management System

MOgene has a robust Quality Management System (QMS) detailed in a manual that ensures compliance for quality monitoring and improvement.

  • Transparent and routine communications on project timelines and deliverables
  • Complete documentation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and 100% QC of data
  • Rigorous sample management process

Our Biosafety practices enable us to provide services for early R&D and market release studies for pathogens that require    BSL-2+ facilities.

  • Higher levels of lab safety for antimicrobial, human and animal health vaccine development
  • Dedicated BSL-2+ Lab and pre-amplification room for your clinical studies
  • Trained personnel to handle BSL-2+ level agents
Security and Data Protection

MOgene considers safety and confidentiality a top priority for our client’s data.

  • 24/7/365 temperature and humidity monitoring 
  • Individually coded key access to labs
  • Secured access to data records
  • Daily back-up of data



Supporting Genomic Studies Since 2004
Industry Leading Experienced Team
More Than 150 Citations in Peer-reviewed Journals


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