Panel Description Species Available Genes
Adaptive Immunity For the study of T & B cell activation and signaling molecules Human 192
Alzheimer’s Disease Panel content includes transcriptomic fingerprint of AD-related changes, gene co-expression markers Human and Mouse 770
Autoimmune Discovery Focused on immune system dysregulation, inflammation and autoimmune disorder symptoms Human 770
Autoimmune Profiling Profiling of immune system dysfunction, inflammatory signaling, tissue stress & damage, and disease association Human and Mouse 770
Breast Cancer 360 For the study of breast cancer tumor biology and microenvironment processes Human 770
Cancer Metabolism For the study of tumor metabolic pathways and processes, and proliferation Human 192
Cancer Reference A range of relevant cancer-related processe- cell cycle, differentiation, proliferation, apoptosis and immune response Human 233
CAR-T Characterization For CAR-T development, manufacturing and QC Human 780
Cellular Profiling Relative expression levels of gene content is indicative of specific immune and related cell types Human 192
Cellular Signaling Content is related to the JAK/STAT signaling pathway and how this pathway relates to cancer and immunology Human 192
Fibrosis Study pathogenesis and identify biomarkers for fibrotic disease Human and Mouse 770
Host Response Study the 5 elements of host immune response as a result of infection — for SARS-CoV2 and other infectious agents — while evaluating disease severity and therapeutic results Human 785
Immunology For broad-based screening of innate and adaptive immune response for allergy, autoimmune and infectious disease Human and Mouse 594/561
Inflammation Focused screening of the inflammation response in general immunology research Human and Mouse 255/254
Innate Immunity Genes are involved in hose response, bacterial sensing, inflammation signlaing and cytokines Human 192
Kinase Panel for identifying protein kinase genes Human 536
Metabolic Pathways For studying metabolism within the context of cancer, immunology and metabolic diseases Human and Mouse 748
miRNA Ideal for identifying and validating miRNA biomarkers Human, Mouse, and Rat 827/557/423
Myeloid Innate Immunity For the quantitative and qualitative measurement of innate immune response Human and Mouse 770/754
Neuroinflammation For the study of immunity and inflammation, neurobiology and neuropathology Human and Mouse 770
Neuropathology Targeting neurodegeneration and neurodegenerative diseases Human and Mouse 770
PanCancer Immune Profiling For the identification of immune cell types, checkpoint inhibitors, cancer antigens and immune response genes Human and Mouse 770
PanCancer IO 360 Includes genes involved in the complex interplay between the tumor, microenvironment and immune responses Human and Mouse 770
PanCancer Pathways Targets essential cancer pathways and processes Human and Mouse 770
PanCancer Progression Includes genes involved in cancer progression such as anigiogenesis, ECM, EMT and metastasis Human 770
RNA-DNA Damage and Repair Genes related to DNA damage & repair pathways such as excision repair, mismatch repair, and translation Human 192
Stem Cell Measures pluripotency and differentiation Human 199
Wnt Pathways Focused on the canonical, planar cell polarity, and calcium ion-dependent pathways in the Wnt signaling pathway Human 192


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