Cardio Diagnostics, Inc launches New Heart Disease Assessment

Jan 28, 2021

Cardio Diagnostics, Inc launches Epi+Gen CHD™ in collaboration with MOgene, LC and InTeleLabs, Inc (elicity)

Epi+Gen CHD is an epigenetics-based, at-home clinical test that is redefining the prevention of coronary heart disease, which is the most common type of heart disease and the major cause of heart attacks. 


CardioDiagnostics in collaboration with MOgene announces new Epi-Gen CHD assessment for the prevention of coronary heart disease


Cardio Diagnostics’ Epi+Gen CHD at-home sampling kit: Potential patients fill out a screening questionnaire that is reviewed by a board-certified clinician. If eligible for the test, a sampling kit is sent to their home. After the sample is collected, it is shipped using the enclosed prepaid mailer to our partner CLIA-certified lab for processing using our patent-pending, artificial intelligence guided procedures. After approval by a board-certified pathologist, the results are released to the ordering clinician for review and discussion with the patient. (Photo: Business Wire)



CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cardio Diagnostics, Inc, a biotechnology company making cardiovascular disease prevention and early detection more accessible, personalized and precise, announces the launch of its patent-pending flagship product, Epi+Gen CHD. The Epi+Gen CHD test sensitively assesses the risk for the onset of new coronary heart disease, an ability that is key to providing cost-effective health care for adults.

Despite the importance of preventative health in cardiovascular disease, for the past 30 years, clinicians have had to rely on insensitive, mono-dimensional methods for guiding preventative care. Primary care clinicians currently have only two tools: the Framingham Risk Score (FRS), and the Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD) Risk Calculator, for predicting future heart disease. “Unfortunately, in both research settings and in real-world practice, these tools perform poorly,” said Robert Philibert MD Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Cardio Diagnostics.

Cardio Diagnostics has developed Epi+Gen CHD, an alternative to the existing tests on the market. Epi+Gen CHD not only predicts who is at lower risk of developing coronary heart disease, which current tests do well, but also identifies who is at higher risk of developing coronary heart disease, which current tests do not do well. Cardio Diagnostics’ flagship product focuses on risk for coronary heart disease because it is the most common type of heart disease, and the major cause of heart attacks.

“In particular, both the FRS and ASCVD risk calculator are relatively insensitive to the new onset of cardiovascular disease in women and minorities. We are hopeful that our new test will lead to a reduction in fatal heart attacks and to the discovery of even better methods to diagnose, treat and prevent heart disease,” said Dr. Philibert.

Cardio Diagnostics’ Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Meeshanthini (Meesha) Dogan Ph.D., shared “we are incredibly excited about getting this early risk assessment test to the market. As the first integrated and more sensitive genetic-epigenetic clinical test for assessing the three-year risk for a heart attack, Epi+Gen CHD is the future of preventative cardiovascular disease care. Cardio Diagnostics uses the latest breakthroughs in Epigenetics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to begin an era of better preventative heart care, and I am proud of what we’ve built,” Dr. Dogan said.

She added that “because Epi+Gen CHD leverages telemedicine and at-home sampling, even with the ongoing pandemic, it will allow patients to continue prioritizing prevention from the comfort and privacy of their own home with guidance from a clinician. This is important for those concerned about potential for Covid-19 exposure. We have a great team and are working to close our financing round in early 2021, expand key partnerships while adding new members to our team and advisory board.”

Cardio Diagnostics launches Epi+Gen CHD in collaboration with InTeleLabs, Inc. and MOgene, LC. Epi+Gen CHD is now available at

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Cardio Diagnostics is a biotechnology company that is making cardiovascular disease prevention and early detection more accessible, personalized and precise. The company’s vision is to transform medical care for cardiovascular disease from reactive to proactive. With prevention and early detection as the new norm, epigenetics-based technologies driven by artificial intelligence will usher in an era of Precision Cardiovascular Medicine. Developed in partnership with a team of dedicated scientists and clinicians, the Cardio Diagnostics’ Epi+Gen CHD™ test helps clinicians better assess each patient’s unique risk profile for disease. For more information, see

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Meeshanthini (Meesha) Dogan, PhD
CEO & Co-founder
Cardio Diagnostics, Inc

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