MOgene Launches Saliva-based COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

Dec 23, 2020

Simply Spit: MOgene Launches their Saliva Based SARS-CoV-2 Test for COVID-19 with a Comprehensive Testing & Screening Program for Employers and their Companies


Saliva-based COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests Make it Easier for Employees of Area Businesses Get Back to Work Safely


Source: MOgene, LC

ST LOUIS (December 23, 2020) – MOgene, a leading provider of genomics and molecular services worldwide, announced today a new, comprehensive saliva-based COVID-19 testing service to employers for the safety of their employees.  When compared to the current collection methods saliva-based collection devices are easier and less painful to administer. Plus, the saliva collection kit utilized by MOgene, rapidly inactivates the virus within the collection tube, which makes it safer for collection by a non-health care professional.

“The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on Missouri and the local Bi-State businesses their employees and the general population” said MOgene CEO Craig Morley. “As we are all bracing ourselves for another wave of the virus, it is more important than ever for employers to have access to more to more simple, painless and accurate COVID-19 testing programs that will enable them to proactively provide an objective assessment of SARS Co-V-2 infection of their employees.”

To assist employers and to enable their employees to operate safely at their work environment, MOgene utilized its extensive experience with clinical assays and diagnostics to accurately validate their new COVID-19 test.  MOgene focused on using saliva as the biological material to be tested for infectivity with the SARS Co V-2 virus, the causative agent of COVID-19. It is simple and easy to access instead of nasopharyngeal, nasal swabs or blood-based detection technologies.

The testing service, available now, is part of a complete return-to-work coronavirus testing support program offered by MOgene.

Employers who participate in the program will be sent COVID-19 testing kits from MOgene’s purpose-built CLIA certified lab located in St. Louis, MO. The program also includes onsite training, employee communications support, and onsite sample collection.

Our goal is to make it easier for employers to administer the test and get results quickly,” said Kazima Saira, Lab Director for MOgene. “We expect test results will be returned within 48 hours-72 hours upon receipt of sample.”

While MOgene is focusing on employers in the St. Louis metro area, the COVID-19 test will also be available nationally to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, physician offices, and pharma companies seeking to screen patients for the coronavirus before admission into clinical trials. MOgene is also working on developing a general infectious disease respiratory test that would be made available early in 2021.

For more information on the COVID-19 testing program, visit .

MOgene provides a full range of genomics and molecular services for academic and commercial institutions, including support for discovery under research or regulated (CLIA and GxP) environments.  Additional services include integrated services for DNA and RNA extraction, genotyping, sample prep and a wide range of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and gene expression studies.

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